Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Cleansing Work?

Isagenix cleansing is a form of supported intermittent fasting, a concept it has been doing since 2002, well before it became popular in recent years.

The Fasting Period

The Isagenix System supports some flexibility, but generally one Cleanse Day per week or two back-to-back Cleanse Days every other week has been used effectively for years and is backed by clinical research.

Nutritional Support During the Fasting Period

One of the differentiating factors between a Cleanse Day and ordinary intermittent fasting is Cleanse for Life®. This phytonutrient-rich botanical beverage was designed to support and reinforce your body’s natural detoxification systems while providing a targeted amount of nourishment to help you feel energized. When used along with other convenient Isagenix dietary tools, Cleanse for Life helps you feel your best on Cleanse Days.

Intermittent fasting is essentially periods of voluntary abstinence from food and drink. Fasting is an ancient practice and is followed in a variety of different formats by populations globally. Intermittent fasting encompasses eating patterns in which individuals go extended time periods (usually 16 to 48 hours) with little or no energy intake, with intervening periods of normal food intake, on a recurring basis.

Beyond the benefit of weight loss, fasting can also promote health through cellular and molecular mechanisms such as the activation of adaptive cellular stress response signaling pathways that enhance cell health and autophagy — a natural, regulated mechanism of the cell that removes unnecessary or dysfunctional components. Research has also shown that regular intermittent fasting supports metabolic, heart, immune, and brain health, among other things.

While there are so many confusing questions about Intermittent Fasting such as How long should you fast? What should you consume before, during, and after your fasting period? What should you eat when not fasting? Are there supplemental products you can use when you are fasting? Isagenix has taken the guesswork out of it with a scientifically proven system that is easy to follow.

A typical cleanse day look like this:

Early Morning

  • 1 serving of Ionix Supreme.
  • 1 Natural Accelerator capsule.


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life.
  • 2 Isagenix Snacks™ (2 Cleanse Credits).


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life.
  • 1 can of BĒA (1 Cleanse Credit).


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life.
  • 1 Natural Accelerator capsule.
  • 1 bag of Whey or Harvest Thins (3 Cleanse Credits).


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life.
  • 1 to 2 IsaFlush capsules.
  • 1 serving of Organic Greens (2 Cleanse Credits)
  • 1 IsaDelight Chocolate (2 Cleanse Credits)

Total: 10 Cleanse Credits

How Much is Isagenix?

Full 30 day programs range from around $9 a day to $25 per day and replace up to 80% of your existing food budget. Some people actually save money by using Isagenix products. To calculate your current food budget, add up your current spend on Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Coffees, Softdrinks, Alcohol.

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How Do I Order Isagenix?

Ordering Isagenix is very easy. When you purchase you are purchasing directly with Isagenix through a well respected and trusted Executive Isagenix Associate. Meaning you receive full support and guidance on your journey. Your products are shipped direct to you from Isagenix distribution centre, you are covered by a 30 day product guarantee and you receive genuine products at the lowest price.

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There are 3 ways to purchase Isagenix products and packs.

Preferred Customer on Autoship:

Preferred Customers on Autoship receive the largest savings on initial packs. 25% off retail plus a further 5%. They also receive an extra 5-10% off their recurring ‘autoship/lifestyle rewards’ orders. You control the frequency, products and dates.

Preferred Customer:

Preferred Customers enjoy 25% off retail price. It also unlocks a range of further discounts and technology to help you achieve your goals. Access to the IsaLife app and the IsaBody Challenge.

Select ‘Sign Up and Save’ when purchasing to become a Preferred Customer and receive wholesale prices.

There is no join fee or minimum order obligation.

Retail Customer:

Retail Customers simply pay retail price, which is 25-30% more than preferred customers and preferred customers on autoship. They do not have access to IsaLife, the IsaBody Challenge or free product coupons.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

There have been many scientific, peer reviewed studies from major universities conducted on the Isagenix system.

A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 3.1kg (7 lbs) during the first 9 days of the Isagenix System. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required in order to achieve long-term weight loss.

In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 4.1 kg (9lbs)  with an average of 0.9 kg of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on an Isagenix system. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet.

Weight loss should not be considered typical.

In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 9 pounds with an average of 2 pounds of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on an Isagenix system. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet.

A study showed an average weight loss of 24 pounds after 12 weeks. Participants took part in a calorie-controlled regimen of Shake Days and one Cleanse Day per week.

For further research visit:

Does Isagenix Work?

In a word – YES!

What is Your Return Policy?

Isagenix is committed to providing you with high-quality, no-compromise products. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to initiate a return of the following:

  • Your initial order of product placed, opened or unopened.
  • Any product(s) you are trying for the first time, opened or unopened.
  • Your first Autoship order for unopened products only.
I Have Specific Dietary or Religious Needs, Can I Use Isagenix?

Isagenix caters to many different dietary requirements, offering Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Plant Based, Dairy Free and Kosher products. Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

I Have a Medical Condition. Are Isagenix Products Appropriate For Me?

If you have a medical condition that requires you to make adjustments to your diet or lifestyle, an individualized approach to nutrition is important to your well-being. Isagenix offers food and nutritional supplements, and these products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any medical condition. Isagenix products have helped many people reach their wellness goals. However, some people may need to adjust which products they use or how they use an Isagenix System to meet their individual needs. Working with your doctor can help you to make informed choices about your personal health.

Should I Use Isagenix Products if I Have Diabetes?

For someone with diabetes, it’s a general recommendation that you consult with your doctor before significantly modifying you diet or making a lifestyle change such as starting an Isagenix System. This recommendation is important because many common treatments for diabetes are balanced according to your usual diet and activity habits. Isagenix products can be effective tools to help support diet and lifestyle goals but every person with diabetes has unique individual circumstances. Talking with your doctor can help you make informed choices specific to your situation.

Why is There Sugar in IsaLean Shakes?

Isagenix does not use artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners in any products, including IsaLean Shake and Whole Blend IsaLean Shake.

IsaLean Shake is sweetened with natural fructose in amounts equivalent to what is in half of a medium-sized apple. As a complete meal replacement, IsaLean Shakes must provide a sufficient amount of carbohydrate to support energy and provide balanced nutrition.

Whole Blend IsaLean Shake contains 1 gram of added sugar and is sweetened with molasses and stevia leaf extract. Whey-based varieties include an additional hint of honey for a lightly sweet experience.

What Isagenix Pack is For Me?

There are a number of packs available to you depending on your goals and budget. Take the quiz below to find out which pack best suits you.

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What Is Autoship?

Autoship is a convenient service to have your favorite products automatically sent to you each month. You can change the product and/or shipping date at any time to meet your needs.

Autoship is not required; however, our Autoship/Lifestyle Rewards Pricing is the best way for you to receive maximum savings on all of our paks and systems. It also guarantees that you’ll never run out of your favorite products.

To change your Autoship, log in to your Back Office or IsaLife App and select the “Manage Autoship” button. When changing the products, you always need to have at least one item in the shopping cart. We recommend adding the products you would like to receive first, and then removing the items you no longer want shipped. You can also move your Autoship out up to 60 days from the current date. Once you’ve made your changes, be sure to select the “Confirm Autoship” button at the bottom of the page to save your new Autoship setup.

Autoship is the best way for you to receive maximum savings on all of our paks and systems. You can modify your Autoship at any time to meet your needs in lieu of suspending your recurring order; however, if you do need to place your Autoship on hold, please contact your local customer care team. Suspending your Autoship does not affect your membership, and you can continue to order products at the wholesale price as needed.

Can I Use Isagenix Whilst Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Thankfully, Isagenix has convenient, easy-to-use solutions that may help simplify your life and nourish your body. The safe, high-quality, nutritional products are infused with essential vitamins, botanicals, and other natural ingredients that may benefit busy moms.

Good nutrition is important for your baby, and it’s best for both mom and dad to have a healthy, nutritious diet before deciding to start a family. The choices you make and what you eat every day you are pregnant profoundly influence positive fetal and maternal outcomes.

This Isn’t the Time for Weight Loss

Pregnant and breastfeeding women need to increase their calories, vitamins and minerals, protein, and fiber. Pairing the nutrients in IsaLean Shakes, IsaLean Bars, or Isagenix snacking options with your regular meals is one way to help ensure you are getting calories and nutrients for you and your developing baby. Although these products are generally designed for controlling calories and for replacing meals, these products should never be used as meal replacements or for weight loss during pregnancy.

The following list of Isagenix products may be incorporated into a pregnant or breastfeeding mom’s diet. Check with your healthcare provider before using any products or modifying your diet, and ensure your healthcare provider is monitoring your progress.

  • IsaLean Shakes
  • Whole Blend IsaLean® Shake
  • IsaPro®
  • IsaPro Plant-Based Protein
  • Plant-Based Whole Blend IsaLean® Shake
  • Whole Blend IsaLean Bar
  • IsaLean Bar
  • IsaLean Bar Plant-Based
  • Fiber Snacks™
  • Whey Thins™
  • Harvest Thins™
  • Nature Oat Bakes™
  • Isagenix Snacks™
  • Greens™

Dietary Supplements for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women

It’s always recommended to consult with your doctor about your dietary supplement use while pregnant and breastfeeding — this includes Isagenix products. While dietary supplements can provide fast and easy nutritional support, it’s always best to make sure they’re appropriate for both mother and baby during this important stage.

The use of the following Isagenix dietary supplements should be discussed with your doctor while pregnant and breastfeeding:

  • AMPED™ Hydrate
  • FiberPro™
  • Immune Shake Booster
  • Isagenix Fruits
  • C-Lyte®
  • IsaOmega™
  • IsaBiome Daily Digestive Health System
  • Collagen Bone Broth


What Is Not Recommended?

Because every woman and pregnancy is unique, talking with your doctor about your dietary choices is always the best way to determine what is best for you. There are also certain products and protocols that should be avoided while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Cleanse Days

Intermittent fasting and deep cleansing are not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding because a regular intake of sufficient calories is needed for supporting infant development and milk production. Many herbs are also not well-studied in pregnant or breastfeeding women or are not considered safe during pregnancy, so be mindful of what you are ingesting during this time.

Complete Essentials Daily Packs and Essentials For Women

Isagenix Essentials for Women™ and the Complete Essentials™ Daily Packs provide targeted micronutrient support for healthy adults and were not designed to meet the very specific needs of pregnant women and their growing baby. Working with your doctor to find a prenatal supplement is recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The following products are not recommended for consumption by pregnant and breastfeeding women:

  • Cleanse for Life®
  • Ionix® Supreme
  • IsaDelight®
  • Natural Accelerator™
  • IsaFlush®
  • Brain and Sleep Support System
  • CytoActives™
  • IsaGenesis®
  • e+™
  • Isagenix Coffee
  • Heart Shake Booster
  • AMPED Nitro
  • AMPED Power
  • AMPED Recover
  • BĒA™ Sparkling Energy Drink
  • Snack Bites

Growing a human being inside your body is a very special and sacred time, yet if you are crunched for time and are hungry, it may be tempting to raid the pantry or grab some fast food. Having your favorite nutritious alternatives on hand, like fresh fruits and vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, an IsaLean Shake, or other Isagenix products can make this time a little easier.

Is Isagenix a Fad Diet?

Fad or miracle diets are those that make unrealistic claims that aren’t supported by scientific evidence. Their popularity is usually driven by misguided mass media coverage, which creates hype for the newest cure-all solution.

These diets are usually characterized by highly restrictive or unusual food choices (cabbage soup diet anyone?). They often make promises of quick and easy weight loss or other benefits without providing enough, if any, scientific support or reasoning.

Aside from the fact that these diets don’t always work, they are generally unsustainable in the long run and can cause unwanted side effects like loss of lean body mass, fatigue, moodiness, nausea, bloating, and constipation.  Some diets even cause serious long-term health problems in exchange for short-term weight loss, such as cardiovascular and metabolic complications.

Isagenix isn’t a fad diet because it doesn’t make unrealistic weight loss claims. The Isagenix System relies on an evidence-based, scientific approach for weight loss that’s comprised of both calorie restriction without undernutrition and nutritionally supported intermittent fasting.

There are two components to the Isagenix approach:

  1. Shake Days — calorie restriction through the use of scientifically formulated shakes.
  2. Cleanse Days — intermittent fasting approximately one day each week, and no more than four days a month, as part of a larger nutritional plan.

Scientific Support for Isagenix

To provide scientific validation, Isagenix invested in a series of clinical studies to test the Cleanse Day/Shake Day model for achieving healthy weight loss.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) researchers found that subjects on an Isagenix System lost more weight and body fat compared to subjects on a self-selected, whole foods-based diet after 10 weeks. Notably, the UIC study won an award for its novel design and use of MRI scans as a measure of visceral fat reduction in subjects. The subjects on the Isagenix System saw twice as much visceral fat reduction compared to those on the whole foods-based diet.

Building on the UIC results, Skidmore College researchers performed a two-part study comprised of an 11-week weight loss phase followed by a 52-week weight maintenance phase. Subjects using Isagenix products lost an average of 24 pounds and sustained their weight loss while improving their lean body mass percentage and cardiovascular health.

In short, people following an Isagenix System are better able to lose weight and keep it off long-term, and they tend to improve their overall health. The system provides convenient, balanced nutrition, including quality sources of protein like whey for muscle maintenance, without creating uncomfortable changes in a person’s lifestyle.

Why Choose Isagenix Over a Traditional Diet?

It may seem easy to eat the right quantities of protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins and minerals when there are so many tools and so much information at our disposal. However, according to consistent scientific reports, many people run into problems trying to attain sustained weight loss. The barriers to weight loss include attrition, oversized portions, poor food selection, social factors, lack of convenience, and more. The majority of those who do manage to lose weight on a diet usually regain their weight within the first year.

Let’s face it: Most of us prepare menus intuitively and try to combine our family members’ preferences with our own. On top of that, many people don’t understand nutrition well enough to select balanced meals or lack the social support to help them achieve their goals.

Why IsaLean Meal Replacements Can’t Be Beat

The ease and convenience of Isagenix nutritional shakes and bars make for consistency in weight loss results. The UIC study demonstrated that people on an Isagenix System lose weight more consistently week to week as compared to those on a self-selected diet plan. The subjects also reported that weight loss was easier and more enjoyable with Isagenix, which is likely due to the variety of available flavors of IsaLean® Shakes and Bars.

Aside from Isagenix-related studies, the consensus in the scientific literature is that meal replacements are superior tools for weight loss. In a systematic review and meta-analysis, Oxford scientists found that weight loss programs incorporating meal replacements led to greater weight loss at one year as compared to other alternative diets not using meal replacements.

Fasting Before It Became a Fad

The rising popularity of intermittent fasting has made it a component of many fad diets. In part, this shift has been fueled by new advances in nutrition research demonstrating the effectiveness of intermittent fasting for weight loss, including those studies that have involved Isagenix products.

To date, there have been few intermittent fasting regimens that have been adequately studied for long-term efficacy. Additionally, untested intermittent fasting regimens can involve dietary restrictions that lead to undernutrition from a lack of vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber, or polyphenols from fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.

Isagenix Is Time-Tested, Safe, And Here to Stay

Isagenix provides a scientifically based, sustainable plan for weight loss. It’s not a fad diet based on a single food item or the avoidance of a macronutrient or food group, nor does it involve starving for days without proper nutrition. It doesn’t involve making unrealistic or unsubstantiated goals. It doesn’t recommend or supply excessive amounts of any nutrient. And, it doesn’t involve use of laxatives or dangerous stimulants.

The Isagenix System is scientifically shown to be safe without the adverse effects generally associated with fad diets. Instead, it supports the body with proper nutrition and quality protein for muscle maintenance during weight loss. The system also provides fats, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, and polyphenol-rich botanical components essential for the body’s health.

With a safe, scientifically supported, sustainable plan, Isagenix is a convenient weight loss solution for those wishing to stay away from fad diets.